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Arielle + Alex

Well he put a ring on it....Of course he did! This girl is not only gorgeous, but smart and funny also. She is the full package!

This had to have been one of the sweetest sessions we've done. From the story of her shopping trip to buy him the boots he has been wanting so he could have them for the the kisses they shared for the perfect shot. We couldn't help but notice however that Alex had his limits when it came to helping Arielle with her grooming. At one point he noticed she had lipstick on her teeth...(how nice of him to notice, right? I mean who would want that in their pics?) but upon her asking him to remove it for her, he quickly shot her down.....and held his ground. It was hilarious!

Speaking of getting shot down....With all sessions, as you know, props can be a big decision. We wanted to be sure that the props these two lovebirds had reflected who they are.

So duh....GUNS! I wouldn't want to be on either of their bad sides cause these two are pretty much bad a*%#s!

Arielle and Alex we can't wait to see what's in store for your wedding!!

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