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Families are like Fudge....

Mostly sweet with a few nuts!

And it didn't take us long to figure out how each person in this awesome family was grouped! But, we will let you draw your own conclusions...

Included in the family photo shoot are:

The couple who started it all 52 years ago- Jake and Carol,

The couple who came together and are keeping it going- Jeff and Sandy,

the boys who will be next in line to leave a family legacy- Matt, Jordan, and Levi...........and one "not you" girl- Alexis.

Let's start at the beginning. Jake and Carol were the first in their chairs and ready to get the photo shoot started. Genuine "warm fuzzy" love generated from these two and we could instantly see how Sandy came to be.

Jeff and Sandy had a playful air about them which made their posing pretty fun! Jeff seemed to especially like his time in front of the camera (as evidenced by the "I pinched her butt" shot we were able to capture)- well at least it kept her smiling!

Now on to the main event....photographing these hilarious boys. Matt- who left for grad school today, is the eldest. We have no doubt that this guy will excel at everything he does! Ladies, he is not married yet....Don't let him get away!

Jordan, however, is taken by the lovely Alexis. These two had us rolling all night! Well except for the time he was trying to golf with his 3 wood (don't crucify me if I called it the wrong thing, I know nothing about golf) when he was supposed to be posing for pictures.....(Well maybe it was planned, but she does look mad, doesn't she?- maybe she's had practice)

And Levi who "runs for fun." No seriously people, he got up at 6 am on a Saturday morning to run 9 miles...on purpose...did I say that it was for fun! What? Honestly, I am only hating cause I'm jealous. Levi- keep running the race that is set before you with endurance (Hebrews 12:1)

Well, in conclusion, we want to thank this beautiful family for letting us capture this time in their lives. Sandy, please pass this on to Jeff, as we are of the understanding that he will not be available today or the next 6 or so Sundays so that he can pay for the pictures you guys will be buying from us!! :)

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