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Senior Photo Session... or Final Destination Filming

Train. Train! TRAIN! Doesn't every parent want to hear that when their child is on the train tracks while the photographer is attempting to get that "money shot"? Here at Above All Video and Photography we will go above and beyond to make sure that your child has a once in a lifetime experience with their Senior Session.....even at the expense of our assistant, Doodle's, safety and sanity (He has a slight fear of heights)...LOL.

As a side note, the train was not on OUR track and has not been in use for quite some time, however, you should have seen everyone running for their life just the same! It was definitely one for the books. Without naming any names- there was one mother running full speed ahead which led to the title of this blog almost reading as "Everyone for themselves." Everyone remained safe during the shoot and laughter was present all day.

This session was for two "bright" young girls graduating from Riverside High School this year. I personally knew they were kindred spirits of mine when the most trying part of their day was trying to figure out their right from left. **Disclaimer: The writer of this blog is the photographers wife and not the photographer himself- he knows his right from his left.**

All jokes aside these girls are going places people! Beautiful, funny, smart, and full of life- We, at Above All Video and Photography cannot wait to see what "track" your life takes!

These girls are not only best friends but share awesome family because they are also cousins! Their past, present, and future have been a shared experience- how fitting that their Senior Session was one also.

Thank you girls for letting us be a part of this most wonderful year!!

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