About Me

West Virginia Senior professional senior photographer

Hi! I am Matthew Buckner, owner of Above All Video and Photography, LLC.  I am what most would call a dreamer.  But dreamers get nowhere in life unless they become doers. I create in my mind big ideas and then work extra hard to make these dreams a reality. I wake up excited every day knowing that sometime during the hustle and bustle I get to do one more thing to make my vision real. 

One such dream was to photograph someone's special moments in a way that allows for an individualized experience.  Photography is not just about a smile on a piece of glossy paper, it is the experience- that moment in time forever captured- the contentment of knowing this photo is the essence of who you are and what you love!

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I would like to introduce my right hand man.  Dylan (Doodle) Hackworth.  He has been with me for the last year and has learned so much already.  Like me he is also a dreamer, and has an old soul to be just 17.  He has gone above and beyond what I've asked him to do and honestly couldn't do it without him.  

I'm Dylan Hackworth, I was born and raised in Glasgow WV.  I am a Junior at Riverside High School where I play baseball.  I also love to play the guitar.  During baseball my eighth grade year, I was introduced to the new assistant coach and little did I know that this man would turn into a big brother figure to me.  But not until my 10th grade year did I join the Above All Video and Photography team.  I could write books about the experiences I've had with Matthew and our shoots.  Our photo shoots are more than just going out with a camera, its an EXPERIENCE.  The main thing I'm proud of is that no matter what the shoot is, its always an adventure.  

So, what can you expect from me....

Affordability- My desire is to ensure that EVERYONE has the opportunity to capture their special moment without the stress of expense.  I strive to stay competitive with session fees and will continue to offer affordable rates for all.

Degree of excellence-  Your perception of the finished product is of overall importance to me. I will stop at nothing short of giving you the highest quality possible.

Communication-  Your ideas, your dreams, your visions...become mine.  Before your session we will collaborate and discuss the plans for your shoot.

Creativity-   I do not like "cookie cutter." Locales and props should be as different as the people being photographed.  I will tailor your session to YOU! 

Timeliness-  You will know before you leave our session when to expect your finished product. No guessing, no worrying...